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Eclipse 2017

We’re just 2 hours away from a “partial” eclipse here in California. We’ve all heard the Do’s and Don’ts but let me just say again, PLEASE DO NOT LOOK AT or PHOTOGRAPH the ECLIPSE WITHOUT PROPER PROTECTION! If you didn’t purchase eclipse glasses then make a pinhole viewer. Go here for EVERYTHING ECLIPSE – and […]

Kelly Howell Photo

I would like to introduce a new member to our Forest Living California family, Mz Kelly Howell. Kelly is a Wife, Mother, Professional Photographer and soon to be Guest Blogger who hails from Placerville, California in El Dorado County.   Kelly’s photography is called “Family Documentary Photography” How Do You Want to Tell Your […]

Nevada County Fair 2017

National Anthem to start the day Bueller,…..Bueller,….. They start so young 😉 Must be a Cubs fan Maybe later….. Oh Boy,..RIDES! Arrrr, me matey’s… Follow the leader Next years Domestic Animal photograph winner ? Just a little snack Good times OMG, Dragon Coaster! See You Next Year! rest of the gallery –