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Edwards Crossing – Nevada County – “for the last time?”

Edwards Crossing, for the last time? Edwards Crossing is a bridge over the South Yuba River a few miles East of Nevada City. The bridge itself is over one hundred years old and is no longer capable of holding the weight of forest fire equipment. We had heard a rumor that the bridge was going to […]


BALTIC RIDGE TRAIL (TRAILS) MORMON EMIGRANT GAP Here is a blog post by Brenan Greene of Pictured Above is the Mormon Emigrant Gap Abandoned Ski Resort   Baltic Ridge Trail Details: Stock: Ok, Lift Preferred Distance: 18 Miles Guns: Ok Camping: Few Good Spots – Very Scattered Terrain: Rocky, Washed Out Ruts, Thick Brush, Narrow Trails, […] – Auburn, Ca. – Placer County

Auburn is our “Big City” neighbor to the West. Home Depot, Best Buy, Old Town and ….Ikeda’s! Ikedas isn’t big shopping, it’s a combination of a country market and burger stand. We’ve been stopping in at Ikedas since the 70’s, it’s one of Auburn’s secret spots! ” Welcome to Auburn Magazine. We are a […]

Dorrington Hotel & the Lube Room Saloon – Dorrington, Ca – Calaveras County

I have passed by Dorrington, Ca two hand full of times in my life going off-roading or camping at Lake Alpine or Boards Crossing or just going up over the grade but now…..not only do I have a reason to stop there,…I have a reason to stay there. If you are passing by here is […]

Station Two: (Airbnb) A Stylish Retro Cabin Near Big Trees – Dorrington, Ca – Calaveras County

We absolutely love Highway 4 East of highway 49 ;). The first place I ever went camping was a place called “Boards Crossing” and it’s probably why we moved to the forest. Murphy’s, Arnold, Calaveras Big Trees, Lake Alpine,…all magnificent. Well we just found the perfect place to stay to check out all of those […] – One Trail at a Time or is Everything Toyota 4Runner. LOVE FOR 4RUNNERS ” There is something special about being in the middle of nowhere with your 4Runner. is a collection of our trail expeditions, photography adventures, 5th Gen 4Runner mods, and our favorite 4Runner accessories. We are a group of 4Runner and Tacoma owners who have a passion for […]

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority – Lake Tahoe’s premiere adventure tour operator

We are very excited to announce that we have added  Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority to the center of our menu bar! is Lake Tahoe’s premiere adventure tour operator providing unbelievable adventures in both Summer and Winter. (Summer Adventures from May 15- Oct 15 and Winter Adventures from Dec 15 – Apr 15). Tapping or clicking […]

Local secret spot, the Happy Apple Kitchen.

How about local “secret spots”, places only the locals know about? This is our local diner the “Happy Apple Kitchen”. It’s about six miles North of Colfax, Ca. on Highway 174. It’s lunch only 11-3, has a pretty normal lunch menu but you get a slice of apple with every order. They have both outside […]