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Edwards Crossing – Nevada County – “for the last time?”

Edwards Crossing, for the last time? Edwards Crossing is a bridge over the South Yuba River a few miles East of Nevada City. The bridge itself is over one hundred years old and is no longer capable of holding the weight of forest fire equipment. We had heard a rumor that the bridge was going to […]


BALTIC RIDGE TRAIL (TRAILS) MORMON EMIGRANT GAP Here is a blog post by Brenan Greene of Pictured Above is the Mormon Emigrant Gap Abandoned Ski Resort   Baltic Ridge Trail Details: Stock: Ok, Lift Preferred Distance: 18 Miles Guns: Ok Camping: Few Good Spots – Very Scattered Terrain: Rocky, Washed Out Ruts, Thick Brush, Narrow Trails, […]

Girl Camper Weekend – Inntown Campground – Nevada City – Nevada County

Dan and Erin Thiem are owner operators of the outsideinn in Nevada City as well as the new year around Camping, Glamping and RVing inntowncampground. Below is a recent blog post from the Inntown Campground’s website blog,….enjoy 😉 GIRL CAMPER WEEKEND Last weekend the Inn Town Campground hosted a Girl Camper weekend with Girl Camper Ambassador Janine Pettit.  When […]

Hanging with Kelly – Guest Blogger – Placerville, Ca

Kelly Howell; Wife, Mother, Documentary Photographer, Entrepreneur,…..Adventurer. Kelly lives in Placerville, Ca. which is also known as “Hangtown“. Below is a blog post from her photography website, Exploring the Outdoors I always forget how close we live to so many beautiful, natural things. We live a little over an hour from Lake Tahoe and two […]

Rob of the Redwoods – “There’s No Place Like Home “

Rob of the Redwoods My on going adventures in forest and wildlife protection, conservation, advocacy, restoration, recreation and reconnection in the redwoods and beyond. There’s No Place Like Home Leave a reply It’s said that home is where the heart lays; for me, home, the place my heart loves best, is nestled about eight miles […]

Perspective is Everything – 11:Eleven Photography – Grass Valley, Ca – Nevada County

Owner/Operator of 11:Eleven Photography, Jason Scallin and I have shot together in the past. The fun part about shooting with Jason is watching him get “his” perspective, he truly has a gift. Here is a Facebook post he just posted on the subject and to check out more of his work go to his website […]

Ansel Adams Wilderness Backpacking Day 2 | Landscape Photography – Bessie Young Photography

Bessie Young is Incredible 😉 Here’s her latest! Bessie Young Published on Sep 13, 2017 Ansel Adams Wilderness Backpacking Day 2 | Landscape Photography I finally got day 2 up! Yay!! You guys have to watch till the end. Believe me you will not be disappointed 🙂 Day 1 video here: Last years Garnett […] – One Trail at a Time or is Everything Toyota 4Runner. LOVE FOR 4RUNNERS ” There is something special about being in the middle of nowhere with your 4Runner. is a collection of our trail expeditions, photography adventures, 5th Gen 4Runner mods, and our favorite 4Runner accessories. We are a group of 4Runner and Tacoma owners who have a passion for […]

Janet Martinez Photography and the wildfires around Bass Lake, Ca

Janet lives in Bass Lake, Ca in Madera County. Recently we posted her photos of “The Beast” a nickname she gave the Railroad fire which is just North of her home. Now, the Mission fire has started just a couple of miles South in the small community of North Fork, Ca. Janet is understandably nervous […]