Forest Living California

Appreciation for our National Forests in California

Forest Living California is a collection of photos from Photographers throughout California. We try to feature photos from all National Forests in California. If you are a photographer who shoots and National Forest in California, please send us an email and introduce yourself. We will gladly give you a free feature on the website!

If you would like to feature your photos or write a quick introduction to who you are, and what you shoot, please feel free to email us anytime. Forest Living California is all about living inside the tall tree line of California. In the website, we have cooking and gardening, photo’s from our favorite photographers, articles on fire safety and the drought.

Promoting Your Business in California

We are here to help promote the small businesses, artists, craftsmen, photographers, musicians, musical groups, etc., found in the foothill and forest areas of the mountains of California. Send us a link to your website, facebook, Instagram or whatever and the County you are in, add a picture or business card and we will add you to the blog and to “Our Friends”. (This is for those who are starting out and are finding it hard to afford their own promotion. We do not promote anything violent, sexual, drug-related..or.. inappropriate..or..religious..or..political..)

We will be promoting the businesses and recreation which can be found here. We will include helpful articles about living in the foothills and national forests of California and maybe answer any questions you might have about living here.  Along with a little humor we hope to add a positive note to your day. So come along with us and smell the pines!

Define Forest Living California

When we first moved to our little part of the Sierra I called it, “Live where you camp”, the thing about that is….it’s way more than that. People who go camping are only there on a temporary basis and don’t put a lot of thought into the local goings-on around their chosen cramping area, in fact, the locals are in their way! So it’s not live where you camp but rather living in harmony with this particular ecosystem.

The only reason there is tree management is that some of us have chosen to live here with our houses, our lives and most of all,…our toys and all of that has to be insured but beyond tree-management is living next to wildlife. If you learn from those who were born here or are two to three generations of living here you will see that it’s pretty much a don’t bother me, I won’t bother you rule. You just have to be smart about it, don’t feed the wildlife, fence your gardens, don’t invite any size animals because “the food chain” is quite active here, it’s how things really work.

So please, if you decide to move here, don’t say “live where you camp”, instead learn to live where you live 😉

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