Gold Country Massage Therapy – Roseville, Ca. – Placer County

Okay everyone, (by a show of hands), who could use a soothing, therapeutic, stress and pain relieving massage right now?!! (1,2,3,4,..17,…20 nine hundred,…shoot)…who COULDN’T right!

Well, if you call or schedule an appointment with and mention Forest Living California you will recieve not only  $10 off your first visit but you will also recieve a free “relaxing foot treatment”!!

Tasha Standridge has been a long time guest blogger for FLC but she is also the owner/operator of Gold Country Massage Therapy in Roseville, Ca.

“Hi, I’m Tasha.  The primary focus of my practice is providing therapeutic massage to older adults to help relieve stress and pain, and promote healing in the body.  In my certification training at Monterey Institute of Touch, I studied a variety of massage modalities.  Since then, I’ve developed my own massage therapy technique, the PAR Method (Parasympathetic & Adrenal Recovery Method).  I utilize intentionally slow, repetitive strokes applied with moderate pressure to help my clients achieve deep relaxation, stress reduction and healing in the body”.

So trust me,after a long stressful week treat yourself to something that your body could really use, a therapeutic massage by Gold Country Massage Therapy. So click the photo below to schedule your first visit now 😉

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