The Rustic Buck – Truckee, Ca – Nevada County

The Rustic Buck

One of a kind, Tahoe Vintage Washed Flannels, Shop current inventory on etsy link below, Offering wholesale to trade.

The Rustic Buck, Tahoe vintage washed flannel shirts, are handcrafted by Brittany, our Artisan. Inspired by her love of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and her Lake Tahoe lifestyle, she has created a true one of a kind, Tahoe aged and Loved flannel shirt. All made local.

Each vintage piece is hand chosen, and individually crafted, to create the perfect cozy treasured find. Our secret aging process gives the flannel tons of character and that broke-in, soft cherished feeling. Snuggle up and Fall in love with The Rustic Buck!

We offer flannel shirts for the whole family.

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All of our flannels are so cozy and perfectly worn for that rustic vintage look!

One of our unisex tahoe vintage washed flannels

Love this vintage handmade find! Looks great over a flannel

Check out all of our available flannels

The Rustic Buck can also be found on on and now in our own SHOP menu bar item 😉 – Auburn, Ca. – Placer County

Auburn is our “Big City” neighbor to the West. Home Depot, Best Buy, Old Town and ….Ikeda’s! Ikedas isn’t big shopping, it’s a combination of a country market and burger stand. We’ve been stopping in at Ikedas since the 70’s, it’s one of Auburn’s secret spots!

” Welcome to Auburn Magazine. We are a locally owned direct mail and targeted monthly publication. Our focus is what we call Eat+Play+Drink packing every monthly magazine with everything Auburn, California “.




Absolutely EVERYTHING Auburn, California. If you live there, are visiting or are just passing through is your first place to go!

Here is the latest issue of  Auburn Magazine


Dorrington Hotel & the Lube Room Saloon – Dorrington, Ca – Calaveras County

I have passed by Dorrington, Ca two hand full of times in my life going off-roading or camping at Lake Alpine or Boards Crossing or just going up over the grade but now…..not only do I have a reason to stop there,…I have a reason to stay there.

If you are passing by here is a great reason to stop, the Lube Room Saloon

Whether you are thirsty or hungry or both. There is indoor and outdoor seating..

..or if you are in need of a souvenir or collect unique apparel..

..and check out this weeknight special menu,…incredible!

Now that you have a reason to stop, I’m going to give you a reason to stay, the historic Dorrington Hotel!

With special rates through November this 5 bedroom lodge is available and perfect for company parties, weddings, family get-togethers or just a simple romantic getaway. Their website isn’t up yet so you are going to have to call or message them here on Facebook –

I cannot think of a better getaway than staying at the Dorrington Hotel, with great food next door Dorrington, Ca itself is not too far from anywhere. So go to their Facebook page and keep an eye out for one of their  “Murder Mystery Dinners” 😉

Here is a great article I found at



Save – Rough & Ready, Ca – Nevada County

Let me introduce to you Janet Comontofski, Artist Extraordinaire. Janet lives in Rough & Ready, Ca. (which is really a good place to Google) in Nevada County. We added Janet’s Etsy shop to our “SHOP” menu item last week but have not been able to blog about her until now, sorry Janet :).

Janet is a fabulous artist as you will see but her website shows you not only her finished art, (which you can purchase) but the history of how she became an artist AND she also teaches you how to be a gourd artist yourself in her blog!

I inherited the artistic gene from my mom and her side of the family. I have been drawing, painting, stitching and creating for as long as I can remember. In high school the main art class offered was drawing. I didn’t like it much because I was limited to drawing what the instructor wanted (bowl of fruit, candy wrapper, squirrel, etc), That didn’t inspire anything in me.

As an avid gardener and self-proclaimed country girl, one day back in 2005 in the garden shop, I saw gourd seeds for sale. I knew they would be fun to grow and experiment with, so when my crop at the end of the season numbered around 25, I figured I had better get creative

I bought a book and inexpensive wood burner at the local hobby store and excitedly cut and burned and painted away. My first project wasn’t great, but it ignited a passion that continues to grow each day.

One of the main reasons I love working with gourds is that each one is different and allows me to create something unique with each one. Sometimes I get wild ideas in my head and have to go find the perfect gourd.  Other times I start with the gourd and let it show me what it wants. I love trying to transfer the ideas in my head onto the gourds.

Now I spend all my free time working on gourds, designing, wood burning, painting and carving. I let my passion guide me. I am never more happy than when I am creating a beautiful work of art.

I sell my gourds because everyone needs a little extra happiness in their life!

My gourds are for sale at my Etsy shop. To visit my shop, click (here).


Lake Tahoe Television

Can’t stand local news? Tired of what’s (not) on cable or satellite tv? Cannot figure out which show to stream?? Try streaming  Lake Tahoe TV

You will instantly transport yourself to Lake Tahoe. The happenings, the life style, even the commercials are informing you of where to go, where to stay, where to eat and where to shop.

Entertaining and Fun, we highly recommend you give it a try. Lake Tahoe TV can always be found in our TV/Webcams menu item 😉


Save – Nevada City, Ca.

We just viewed a picture on Instagram from our friends at Tribal Weaver in Grass Valley. They had mentioned that they could hardly wait for this newly designed t-shirt to arrive from a company called 8103 Clothing. So I went to 8103 Clothing’s website and besides seeing very uniquely designed clothing, gear and jewelry, I also read a very touching story about how the whole thing came about. Anyway, we just added to our “SHOP” menu and here is their story  😉


8103 Clothing is a lifestyle brand established in 2003 with a focus on mixing skateboarding and pop culture into limitless apparel brand. All of our shirts are hand screen printed in our warehouse / showroom in Jacksonville, FL. 8103 is the product of raw passion and determination to create quality products that represent who are.

The story behind how 8103 Clothing was started is different than most. The owner/designer of the company was 18 yrs old going to college for fashion design and merchandising in Atlanta, Ga. At 19 he lost his older brother to a drug overdose while living together in Tallahassee, FL.

The loss created anger that was turned into determination to create a brand with a name that meant something. 1981 – 2003 were the 22 years my older brother lived on this earth. 8103 Clothing is a brand that was created in honor my brother and to all those who can relate to the loss of a family member.

From the support of our local following in Jacksonville Beach to our accounts all over the world, we have positioned 8103 Clothing as the premier brand of North Florida.

Fast Forward 13 years from when the brand was started.

The story continues with our relocation to Northern California and taking things back to our roots with the owner solely operating out of a garage hand screen printing shirts in Nevada City, CA.

In May of 2015 the owner lost his Mom suddenly to a heart attack. For the next year he chose to keep the Flagship store in Jacksonville Beach open due to the overwhelming support from the locals in the community. Almost a year passed and the owner’s Dad was diagnosed with stage 3 Mucosal Melanoma. Due to wanting to help the family, the owner decided to close the flagship store to spend time with his Dad battling cancer. The battle was short and the owner’s Dad passed away in the middle of September 2016.

From the loss of both parents the owner wanted a fresh start. After living in Jacksonville Beach, FL for over 30 years and running a successful local business it was time for new inspiration. The brand has been strategically placed in a small historic town in Nevada City, CA. Stay posted for our new releases and Pop-up shops in California in the upcoming months. Handmade in Gold Country.

Thank you for supporting an independent business.

Thanks to  😉