Alone in the Forest

I walk into the forest and I’m all alone

The echo of a dog barking off in the distance

Behind me a woodpecker hammers at a tree

and then a plane flies over and it occurs to me

I’m alone in the forest – John Cameron

The Enchanted Forest – Poem by Joseph T. Renaldi – photos by Gold Country Photography

I enjoy strolling along the narrow path,
As it meanders through the forest.
It generates a feeling of relaxation,
And puts my troubled mind to rest.

The forest is peaceful and quiet.
I appreciate its immense cover of shade,
And I feel focused and comfortable
In this sanctuary nature has made.

I feel a sense of enchantment
In the cool, refreshing air,
As I seek the hidden secrets
That the forest had to bear.

I hear the strange sounds of the forest
As I quietly make my way,
And stop to observe the wonders
Nature unfolds for me this day.

I enjoy strolling along the narrow path,
It brings a welcome peace of mind to me.
I thank the forces of nature
For this moment of soothing serenity.


The Enchanted Forest by Joseph T. Renaldi

Photography by Gold Country Photography



Janet Martinez Photography – Madera County

We have been following Janet for some time now, her work can be purchased in our “SHOP” menu item. Janet has agreed (after some arm twisting, I think she’s shy 😉 to be a guest blogger with us. I told her it’s nothing more than what you already do when you post one of your fabulous photos. As you will see below, she writes a somewhat poetic explanation when she posts a photo and Fantastic landscape photography it is.

“Finding myself unconsciously taking the road less traveled, I realize that my inner self knew that I was craving the beauty and peace in the foothills.The warm evening air smelled delicious as ground squirrels scurried across the road. Birds were flying home to their nests too. The sun was rapidly retreating to it’s western horizon but believe me, I took in all the beauty as I meandered up the winding road that lead me home.” –

Isn’t that GREAT?? Thank you Janet!!

The Road Home

While traveling the road home,
I focus my attention
On the path I have chosen
So I do not lose direction.

I notice all the landmarks.
Read every road sign.
Navigate many streets
That seem to intertwine.

Should I become lost,
Or fearful I may stray,
I seek guidance from some one
To point me on my way.

The road home is never easy.
Heavenly Father has made it so
Every mile is a test
To help us learn and grow.

So no matter where you wander,
Or how near or far you roam,
Remember that you journey on
A road to guide you home.

Poem – The Road Home

by Jeff Bidiman

Photography by  gold country photography


First Fig by Allison Elrod

First Fig


Allison Elrod

The fig tree has spread its generous
canopy across my late summer side yard.
Its branches are heavy with fruit.

Every day now, the figs grow softer
and fuller; they are taking the rain
and the warmth of a hundred summer days
and making them over into pleasure;
taut green skin and soft pink flesh.

Wearing only my nightgown
and my work boots, I have come
outside at dawn like some
post-modern Eve, yearning
for a taste of the fruit of the tree. I reach up
into the branches, reach up for the fruit
that hangs just beyond my reach,
the fig whose skin is just beginning
to bear the flush of readiness.

Maybe I am Eve. After all,
isn’t the light in my garden still
what came of “Let there be light?”
And isn’t everything to come
in human history beginning
on this very day, this very morning,
when this very fig—the one I am holding
in my hand—is finally ripe?

Or maybe, I am
a middle-aged woman outside
in my nightgown at six a.m.—
filled with happiness so pure it feels
like innocence—savoring the sweetness
of summer’s first ripe fig
before the light shifts,
before history resumes,
before I come inside to wake you,
temptation on my mind.

Forest Fig Tree in Bloom

Photo by GCP

A glimpse in the garden – Joseph May

A glimpse in the garden

My garden lies between the trees
Where lilies dance in gentle breeze
And lilacs whisper pretty please
To a butterfly’s caressing tease

Nearby glows the buttercups
Where honeybees come to sup
While hummingbirds on branches squint
To catch a glimpse of hyacinths
And daffodils in yellow coats
Sway to songbirds dulcet notes

Queen Anne’s lace is also grown
With Forget-me-nots and anemones
But the rose in beauty stands alone
And smiles demurely from her throne
© 5/2/14
Joseph May