Ivy Tree Photography – Mt Shasta, Ca – Siskiyou County

Ivy Ferl is owner/ operator/ photographer at www.ivytreephotography.com/. She is also a member of gold country photographers. Here is her latest blog post from her website 😉

My Home!

November 14, 2017

So, I have been fortunate enough to have grown up in a beautiful mountain town. It’s small and you know everyone, but it has it’s perks. I spent my summers camping at the many mountain lakes the area has to offer. My winters were spent at our local ski area.

I often envied people who got to see Mount Shasta for the first time. You see, being born and raised in this area, Mount Shasta was just there. I took it for granted. It wasn’t until I moved away in my early 20’s, that I realized the beauty I was so lucky to have right in front of me.

After starting my family, my husband and I moved back to our home town. Now, I find Mount Shasta to be one of my main subjects when it comes to taking pictures.

Here are some of my favorite Mount Shasta pictures from 2017. I hope you enjoy!



Here is a blog post by Brenan Greene of https://www.trail4runner.com


Baltic Ridge Trail (Trails) Mormon Emigrant Gap

Pictured Above is the Mormon Emigrant Gap Abandoned Ski Resort


The Baltic Ridge Trail is a mix of easy to moderate off-road trails and fire roads off Mormon Emigrant Trail. From the East, you can access Mormon Emigrant Trail from Highway 88 near Kirkwood Ski Resort. From the west, you can access Mormon Emigrant Trail from the Sly Park Exit off Highway 50.

One of the most notable and iconic places on the Mormon Emigrant Trail is the old Abandoned Ski Resort (Iron Mountain Ski Resort). Iron Mountain Ski Resort was active for several years in the 80’s-90’s. This resort has since been shut down and several structures have been burned to the ground. You will find many structures still intact. There are old ski lifts, small buildings, and remains of an old hotel on what’s left of this historic property.

To the North and South of Mormon Emigrant Trail, there are hundreds of off-road trails and fire roads to explore. On the South side of Mormon Emigrant Trail, you will find the Baltic Ridge Trail. The Baltic Ridge Trail is one of many options for exploring this area of El Dorado’s National Forest. When exploring the Baltic Ridge Trail, it is important to note that this is not a well-marked trail. And, if you do not have an offline GPS system, it will be easy to take a wrong turn.

Baltic Ridge Trail Details:

  • Stock: Ok, Lift Preferred
  • Distance: 18 Miles
  • Guns: Ok
  • Camping: Few Good Spots – Very Scattered
  • Terrain: Rocky, Washed Out Ruts, Thick Brush, Narrow Trails, Wide Open/ Easy



First, we met up at Iron Mountain Ski Resort. As we mentioned above, the Iron Mountain Ski Resort is a well-traversed point of interest in El Dorado County. You can shoot guns, wheel around, and take amazing photographs at the Iron Mountain Ski Resort. If you live in Sacramento, Placer or El Dorado County, this is a great place to come check out on the weekend.


Starting The Baltic Ridge Trail

Once you start into the Baltic Ridge Trail, you will begin down a standard fire road trail. Here is where we aired down our tires and got everything situated for the trail. From this point, we also mapped our direction down toward the bottom of the trail that pops out onto another fire road which then heads back onto Mormon Emigrant Trail.


To continue reading -> https://www.trail4runner.com/2017/10/03/baltic-ridge-trail-mormon-emigrant-gap/

AuburnLifestyles.com – Auburn, Ca. – Placer County

Auburn is our “Big City” neighbor to the West. Home Depot, Best Buy, Old Town and ….Ikeda’s! Ikedas isn’t big shopping, it’s a combination of a country market and burger stand. We’ve been stopping in at Ikedas since the 70’s, it’s one of Auburn’s secret spots!


” Welcome to Auburn Magazine. We are a locally owned direct mail and targeted monthly publication. Our focus is what we call Eat+Play+Drink packing every monthly magazine with everything Auburn, California “.




Absolutely EVERYTHING Auburn, California. If you live there, are visiting or are just passing through auburnlifestyles.com is your first place to go!

Here is the latest issue of  Auburn Magazine


Dorrington Hotel & the Lube Room Saloon – Dorrington, Ca – Calaveras County

I have passed by Dorrington, Ca two hand full of times in my life going off-roading or camping at Lake Alpine or Boards Crossing or just going up over the grade but now…..not only do I have a reason to stop there,…I have a reason to stay there.

If you are passing by here is a great reason to stop, the Lube Room Saloon

Whether you are thirsty or hungry or both. There is indoor and outdoor seating..

..or if you are in need of a souvenir or collect unique apparel..

..and check out this weeknight special menu,…incredible!

Now that you have a reason to stop, I’m going to give you a reason to stay, the historic Dorrington Hotel!

With special rates through November this 5 bedroom lodge is available and perfect for company parties, weddings, family get-togethers or just a simple romantic getaway. Their website isn’t up yet so you are going to have to call or message them here on Facebook –  www.facebook.com/Dorrington-Hotel

I cannot think of a better getaway than staying at the Dorrington Hotel, with great food next door Dorrington, Ca itself is not too far from anywhere. So go to their Facebook page and keep an eye out for one of their  “Murder Mystery Dinners” 😉

Here is a great article I found at gocalaveras.com/travel-directory/dorrington-hotel/




Station Two: (Airbnb) A Stylish Retro Cabin Near Big Trees – Dorrington, Ca – Calaveras County

We absolutely love Highway 4 East of highway 49 ;). The first place I ever went camping was a place called “Boards Crossing” and it’s probably why we moved to the forest. Murphy’s, Arnold, Calaveras Big Trees, Lake Alpine,…all magnificent.

Well we just found the perfect place to stay to check out all of those places or to simply just get away from it all, it’s an Airbnb called “Station Two”- https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/3606256

” Welcome to our cozy, vintage-style cabin. It is located in the Snowshoe Springs community in Dorrington, with access to a private lake. Our cabin is a wonderful place to enjoy snow in the winter around the fire, or to relax out on the deck in summer “.

” Our cabin is comfortable and inviting, with beautiful views of the forest. We are located very close to Big Trees State Park (approx. 5 minute drive), and walking distance to Snowshoe Springs Lake. It’s a wonderful place to unplug, since there is poor cell service and no wi-fi or internet

The cabin is approximately 100 miles and 2.5 hours from the main visitor’s center at Yosemite National Park.

The cabin itself is stylish, with an eye towards mid-century A-frame homes. Our well-equipped kitchen includes lots of excellent tools and a refurbished Wedgewood stove “.

” Outside, you will find a large, comfortable deck with a dining area, charcoal grill, and comfortable lounge seating. During the summer, bistro lights keep it bright well into the night “.

” In the winter, the wood-burning stove keeps the entire cabin warm and cozy. While there is only one proper bedroom downstairs, the large, open upstairs loft is comfortable for seven sleepers “.

Trust us, if you want to experience a true pine tree forest getaway, this is the place to go. It’s rated 5 Stars with 28 reviews!!  😉