Pete the Puma and Beaky Buzzard!

Of course cartoons,…IT’s SATURDAY!

One of the least known Bugs Bunny characters and probably my all time favorite because of his laugh was Pete the Puma. Rarely, rarely would his cartoon come on. My second favorite though was Beaky Buzzard. I found these clips on youtube, enjoy (these cartoons can be a little violent, so view at your own discretion)

On with the show – THIS IS IT!!

Well, Mother Nature dumped about another 1,000 inches of rain on us last night. Thankfully we have a “warm up” coming this week! We would like to Thank whoever prayed for the drought to be over but maybe now you could turn your thoughts towards our government and the problems of the world 😉  Anyway, that’s enough rain,…now,…..on with the show!