Collective Soul – Shine – 1994

I am not a pop music person but I am also not an obscure music person, pre-pop is what I would call the music I enjoy. I liked the Doobie Brothers before they went pop with Michael McDonald, I enjoyed Journey before they went pop with Steve Perry. I liked a cross between rock & country, I guess because it had a beat and a story.

The music I enjoyed in the 70’s went away with Disco, English punk, New Wave and (cough, gag) Glam Rock in the 80’s. The 90’s however brought us back to realism in music, it may have sounded negative and suicidal next to all that came before it but…you would be too if you lived in Seattle ūüėČ

Anyway, I enjoyed Nirvana and Alice in Chains and the bands that followed all the way through the 90’s. Here is a video from the band Collective Soul who started out in the early 90’s and made several comebacks, this was their first hit “Shine” from 1994.

Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority – Lake Tahoe’s premiere adventure tour operator

We are very excited to announce that we have added ¬†Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority to the center of our menu bar! ¬† is¬†Lake Tahoe’s premiere adventure tour operator providing unbelievable adventures in both Summer and Winter. (Summer Adventures from May 15- Oct 15 and Winter Adventures from Dec 15 – Apr 15).

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Tahoe Jack’s Adventure Authority provides Lake Tahoe tours, excursions and expeditions throughout the greater South Lake Tahoe region. We offer a wide selection of Tahoe adventures and outdoor activities for people of all ages. We invite you to come experience why we are known as Lake Tahoe’s adventure authority.

Enjoy one of our many kayak tours through crystal clear waters.  Embark on a scenic hiking adventure high above Lake Tahoe.  Ride exciting mountain bike trails littered with fast paced single tracks. 

Venture into a vast winter wonderland on a Tahoe snowshoeing tour. Learn wilderness survival skills in one of our outdoor education courses.

Lake Tahoe’s Adventure Authority


Let one of our adventure consultants customize a package specific to your group.

Tahoe Jack’s Video Snap from Tahoe Jacks Adventure Authority on Vimeo.

Libby Fife Fine Art -Take a Hike! Ten Tips For Absolute Beginners

Check out Libby’s Contemporary Collage Paintings –¬†

Take a Hike! Ten Tips For Absolute Beginners

Stanislaus Meadow
Highway 4, Ebbetts Pass California

So! You think you want to take a hike. Maybe, like me, you joined a hiking group. Perhaps your partner likes to hike and you really want to share the adventure but are unsure about tagging along. Or maybe you are curious about the activity but are a little embarrassed about starting. If you are new to this hobby, I have some tips gleaned from a year’s worth of trial and error hiking or, as I like to call what I do, “hike-walking”. Curious? Read on!

First off, I call what I do “hike-walking”. I use this made up term because of two variables: distance and terrain. Shorter distances such as 2-3 miles on fairly level, even terrain can be considered as walking. The pace can be fast or slow depending on what you want. Longer distances such as 5-7+ miles over uneven terrain that has you traveling up and down hills or scrambling over rocks can be considered hiking. The pace slows down considerably as you ascend or descend and depends largely on the ground on which you are walking and how much you are carrying. Rocks slow you down (or at least they should slow you down) and weight slows you down too. I like a mixture of both types and so I call my hybridized outings “hike-walking”.

Over the course of the last year, I have racked up some mileage and learned some very basic things along the way. These are things I absolutely didn’t consider or know about before I started. They are simple tips and ideas to keep in mind before you begin. (I will also include, at the end, some ideas about what to bring along to make things comfortable.) Here are the ideas in order of importance:

1. Equipment Needed: The most important piece of equipment is your body. Climbing up hills, walking over  boulders, crossing small creeks and traipsing over smaller trail rocks all day is taxing. It is all absolutely different than walking on paved, level ground. Carrying a backpack of any size and weight adds to the effort. Additionally, your physical fitness level will become obvious very quickly. No piece of store bought equipment, item of food or fancy bottle of water will help you to get up the hill. The only  thing that will get you up and over is your body. Period, end of story. That said, there is a level of hike-walking and enjoyment for everyone, at any fitness level. Keep that in mind when you start. It is nothing to be embarrassed about.

2. Physical Conditions: This may seem obvious but if you start your hike with a headache it is unlikely to get any better. Hiking won’t make it go away and in fact may make it worse. (Think dehydration.) Ditto for other mild conditions such as muscle strains/sprains, earaches, the cold or flu or any gastrointestinal distress. Your best bet is to take a pass on the outing and stay home until the condition passes.

11:Eleven Photography & Artistic Services – Empire Mine State Park – Miners Picnic 2017

11:Eleven Photography & Artistic Services is owned and operated by Mr Jason Scallin

Photographer/Artist based in the heart of Gold Country, Grass Valley, Ca. Available for all of your photography needs, portraits, family photos, pet photography, real estate, events and product photography –¬†


“We attended our first Miners Picnic at the Empire Mine State Park¬†today. If you’ve never been, you should check it out next year. Great re-enactment, and the history available is wonderful”.

“What a great way to spend an afternoon, and learn about our local history. Can’t wait to go again next year”.

Photographs property of 11:Eleven Photography & Artistic Services

Fun with Photo Editing

I use a Mac (let’s not discuss why, I just do) and Mac use to have a photo editor called iPhoto (must be kidding, Apple named something starting with a small “i”??) anyway, it is a very basic editor and I do not recommend it to anyone (I go back now and revert the photos I edited with it and almost always the original looks better than the edited version)

Anyways again, I purchased a full frame camera, starting shooting in¬†RAW and I wanted more editing control so I bought ¬†Adobe Lightroom 6. To me editing is half of photography and to master either you would need 10,000 hours in each. Well, I don’t even think I have 1,000 in either which makes discovering things…..Fun. Recently I have been trying for a ¬†Norman Rockwell effect.

To me “Getting There” is all of the fun!

(The top photo was only edited in Lr 6, the lower photo was a combination of three photos, one being a HDR) – Grass Valley, Ca – Nevada County

Arlene came home the other day with a box of vegetables which included a huge heirloom tomato. She was raving about the place she got them from just a few miles down the highway, she also showed me one of their business cards.

Well, I am impressed with their vegetables and their website, check it out!

Who We Are & What We Love

Broadfork Farm started as a 10 x 10 foot family garden that grew over the past decade into a 1.5 acre micro farm. The Crews family and farm staff are excited by the idea of providing quality produce at a fair price.Our produce and plants are available at the farmstand right on the farm. Frankly, we are foodies who believe that good food starts with fresh, quality ingredients. Come, let us feed you!

                                         How We Farm

‚Ä謆 Inspired by the local food movement and leaders in ¬† ¬† market gardening and sustainable farming, we use a wide

variety of farming techniques. Our aim is to protect the soil and to produce food  with high nutritional value.

¬† ¬† ¬†There’s always more to learn¬†and we love to talk about gardening with our¬†customers. ¬†Visitors are welcome at¬†¬†the farm to observe what we do in person. Our hope is¬†¬†that others will be¬†¬†inspired to be part of the¬†growing community of individuals who garden and support¬†small local farms.¬†

‚Ä謆 ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Practices We Value


          Using organic inputs 

          Employing no or low till cultivation methods

          Trading with reputable seed companies

          Planting heirloom varieties & organic seeds

          Using only non-GMO seeds

          Utilizing integrated pest management 

          Making use of season extension methods    

          Rotating crops

If you are in the Grass Valley area or are planning on visiting we highly recommend stopping in at Broadfork Farms!

Farmstand Open Daily  9:00 a.m. to 7 p.m.

13624 N.Meadow View. Grass Valley, Ca. 95945 530-648-0282