Sweet Crude Fund Raiser

Yesterday we watched a piece on the local news channel KCRA about a band from New Orleans, Sweet Crude, who had their van broken into in San Francisco. Clothes, computers and instruments were taken forcing Sweet Crude to make a decision to hang it all up.

They were given clothes and loaned instruments and are fighting to play the music they love to play. If you would like to help there has been a special website developed for donations, you could also purchase their music and you can catch them LIVE tonight and tomorrow night at the High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, Ca.




Help if you can, we need this Good Feeling, Fun Music in the world 😉

We all have our Happy Place, Sweet Crude is mine. They play through the sweat, fatigue, and sometimes even the sadness. They understand the commitment to being aritists and to their fans. New Orleans breeds the best musicians but it also teaches community. We take care of each other.
Please share this and then dance to “On Est Pare'” like the whole world is watching and cheering you on.
Anything helps. Merci.

From the Band:

On Monday June 26th,  we were enjoying an afternoon off in San Francisco when our van, parked on the street at a busy and well-lit intersection, was broken into. The thieves made quick work of all our laptops, luggage, and a few musical instruments.

This fundraising effort is aimed to help us replace our clothes, toiletries, five computers, a pair of violins, a trumpet, and a host of other personal and work items that are not covered by our insurance so we may get back on our feet and continue doing what we love.




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