In forestry, the term widowmaker or fool killer describes a detached or broken limb or tree top and denotes the hazards that such features cause, being responsible for causing fatalities to forest workers. – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you ever find yourself close to a large pine tree,….look up because you probably shouldn’t be and this goes for parking your car as well.  These lower dead limbs can fall at any time, they don’t need wind, rain or snow to go. If you have large pines in areas where people naturally congregate, it’s a good idea to have someone come in a trim off the lower limbs.

photo by JC

Mark’s Hauling & Home Maintenance – Nevada County

We love promoting good people who care about what they do. I actually met Mark yesterday after watching him do yard or acre work at our neighbor’s house for a number of years. Polite and pleasant and such a hard worker. If you need yard, property, estate or construction clean up in the Grass Valley area (call for other area’s), you could not go wrong with Mark – Free Estimates!!

Coleman, California – Nevada County


Coleman California is where camping lanterns and pump propane stoves were invented 😉 jk!!

Coleman is an unincorporated community in Nevada County, California. It lies at an elevation of 2549 feet (777 m). Coleman is located on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad, 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Chicago Park. Welcome!

photo by JC of GCP