Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad (NCNGRR) (nickname: Never Come, Never Go) was located in Northern California’s Nevada County and Placer County, where it connected with the Central Pacific Railroad. The Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Company incorporated on April 4, 1874, and was headquartered in Grass Valley, California. After two years of construction, passenger and commercial rail services began in 1876 and continued until 1943. The 22.53 mi (36.26 km) line ran from Colfax, north through Grass Valley to Nevada City. At one time, the railroad was notable for having the highest railroad bridge in California, the Bear River Bridge, built in 1908. –

The photo below is of Shebley’s trestle, located at the very North end of what now is Rollins Lake.

Photo/Song Pairing – “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

These 5 bucks just now came up to the front of our house! I had to slowly turn to grab the camera, at first I only saw three but when I stood to take this photo there was five. I call this photo, “A Fist Full of Dollars”, which led me , obviously, to Clint Eastwood’s movie but….the song from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is better 😉


Song Pairing – Stormy

I don’t know why but when I think of a title for a photograph a song pops into my head. I called this photo “Smokey” which made me think of a tune which I thought had the same name, nope. Turns out the name of the song in my head was Stormy by Classics IV…..Welcome to inside my head 😉

Here’s ….Smokey and below…Stormy  😉