The locals just call it “Condon”

If you have ever thrown a Frisbee than you can play disc golf! The courses are popping up all over the country and I want to say that most of them are free to play. Frustrating at first and it takes time to learn how to throw these special discs, (please do not use a Frisbee ;), but it’s outdoors and really kind of fun. At the more popular courses you still have the problem, (like golf), of having to wait or to play through or have someone want to play through you but what doesn’t these days ;(. Grass Valley has a very scenic course called Squirrel Creek DGC but the locals just call it Condon because the course is inside Condon Park. So don’t just take my word for it, go to a used sporting equipment store, pickup a driver and a putter and check it out for your self!


This photo by Gold Country Photography can be purchased on apparel and other stuff by going to menu item “Shop Stuff”…;)

Composition roof repair

I don’t know about you but we here in the Grass Valley area have had about 13 inches of rain in 9 days. If you have an aged compositional roof you may have seen water where it shouldn’t be. If that is the case, here’s the stuff. It can be applied wet or dry, it stops leaks if you’re sure you are applying it where the leak is starting from. My suggestion is if you have a composition roof, buy some and slap it down where ever you think a leak may be coming from, might just save you a bunch of money.. 😉